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Invade 入 侵

錄影裝置 | video installation | 2004-2013


作品介紹出自《2004台北雙年展》 文:鄭慧華


In his project Invade the TFAM (2004), Kuo uses the internal and external spaces and conditions of the museum as his media. The Taipei Fine Arts Museum is located close to the flight path of a busy domestic airport; every few minutes an airplane passes overhead. Inside the museum, however, visitors are barely aware of this. Both literally and spiritually, the interior of the museum is an independent realm, completely partitioned off from the outside world. But Kuo disrupts this by installing a sensor outside the museum to receive signals when the airplanes pass, and a projector in the lobby that casts the huge shadow of the airplane as if flying through the inside of the museum when triggered by the sensor. At the same time, a speaker system emits the low rumble of an airplane in flight. Under these circumstances, the independent space of the museum is constantly disturbed and invaded by its exterior reality, giving viewers a new understanding of the special conditions of the museum.

​《2004 Taipei Biennial》Text: Amy Cheng

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