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錄影裝置,雕塑 |Video Installation ,Sculpture | 2008-2009


<Super heroes> 的三件影像裝置裡,將美國漫畫裡所最具知名度的超人、蜘蛛人、蝙蝠俠好萊塢電影的電影宣傳海報以油畫的方式重新描繪,與另一邊塊畫面播放著恐怖份子挾持人質的新聞畫面,跟911紐約世貿中心大樓遭到攻擊的新聞影像及美軍的在伊拉克與阿富汗空襲的紀錄畫面,藉由消費性媒體的圖像與新聞畫面之真實影像的並置,形成一種強力的對比與觀念上的衝擊,而這衝擊來自於對媒體真實性的質疑與重新審視。另外二件首度嘗試的不銹鋼雕塑,則是將超人身上的符號「S」置換為塔利班旗幟的符號,蝙蝠俠則以恐怖份子蒙面之姿出現,當英雄化身的形象與恐怖份子的符號並置,英雄與恐怖份子的界線似乎不再黑白分明。


 In the three video installations, I extract three of the most famous images – Superman, Batman, and Spiderman – and put them aside with three different video clips extracted from newsreel: 1.) terrorists and the held hostage 2.) the 911 attack on the World Trade Center New York, and 3.) the air raid while the American army was attacking Afghanistan and Iraq. The juxtaposition between the image extracted from the public culture and the video extracted from newsreel (which is commonly acknowledged as the truthfully representation of the reality) creates a powerful collision against our pre-existing knowledge. Viewers thus are empowered to reexamine the credibility of a world manipulated by mass media.



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