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裝置 | Installation | 2010



70% of the earth surface consists of water. This 70% was the origin of all life and is still the key element that balances the environment and nurtures life.But with 71% After drastic changes in the environment, what we used to rely on for the source of life has melted into a battle on the borders of survival—this unstable status is projected through mirage-like bottles and their shadows.


True Colors

三頻道HD錄影彩色有聲 | three channel HD video,color with sound,15'45" | 2010


邀請四種不同膚色的朋友,徐婉婷(台灣)黃色人種、Chris Scott(加拿大)白色人種、Asheena Clarke(英國)黑色人種、Ameth Ivan Guevara(巴拿馬)棕色人種,分別代表撲克牌裡的黑、白、黃、棕四種不同牌色,以撲克牌遊戲(心臟病)照號碼依序翻牌,而每人代表的顏色每次都有所不同,當所代表的顏色與牌上的數字相同時,當中的人就不能參與,如:黃色人種代表黃色,當數字唸到1時撲克牌的顏色也剛好是黃色A,代表黃色的人就不能參與,以此類推。以遊戲的方式來試圖探尋在全球化浪潮中,文化跟種族之間的交融與涵化(acculturation),矛盾與衝突,記憶的歸屬與遺忘,回歸自身本體所存在的最真實色彩。

The artist invites four friends of different skin colors to play a card game named “Heart Attack” with an specially designed set of poker cards: Wan-Ting Hsu (Taiwan), representing yellow; Chris Scott (Canada), representing white; Asheena Clarke (UK), representing black; Ameth Ivan Guevara (Panama), representing brown. While the card colors reflect the skin colors, each player is randomly assigned to one of the card colors in each round. Play proceeds with the players taking it in turns to bring a card to the center of the table while counting from 1 to 13. If the card placed is identical with the number that is uttered, the players need to place their hands on the top of the pile; however, the player who is assigned to the color of this card cannot place his/her hand on the pile. The artist attempts to explore, through a playful game, mixture and acculturation among cultures and ethnic groups. Searching among contradictions, clashes, or places where memories belong, we return to the true color of the self.


Reflex 反射動作 

單頻道HD錄影,黑白無聲 | single channel HD Video,black and white color without sound,34'00" | 2010



The audience in the stadium seems to be focusing on a game that does not exist. Switching the position from the subject who looks to the object whom is being looked, each person in the audience, with the facial expression and body language, reflects what is going on in the stadium. While we interpret what these silent messages reveal, it reflects our imagination of an absent subject..


R.O.C. (Redefinition of Country) 重新定義的國家

錄影裝置 | Video Installation | 2010



The ubiquitous white box—closed circuit television. It is always difficult to define the body (identity) that is being seen (watched). An identity that does not exist… I am only left with the space (territory) that my eyes can see and my body can reach.


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