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Promise2061  承諾2061

複合媒材裝置 | 1986年哈雷彗星郵票.古董牙科診療椅.古董木製窗框.鐵架.LED藍光燈.汽車燈.物件裝置 | 308 x 165 x 104公分 | 2015

Mixed media installation | 1986 stamp of Comet Halley, antique dental chair, antique wooden window frames, steel rack. LED blue light, automotive lighting | 308 x 165 x 104 cm | 2015


Blue Fountain  藍色噴泉

複合媒材裝置 | 動力馬達齒輪軸,古董鐵製水井閥.鐵架.玻璃水槽,攝影物件,硫酸銅 | 109x 43 x 63 公分 | 2015

Mixed media installation | gear motor, antique steel well valve, steel rack, glass silk, photograph, copper sulphate 


Prototype  原型

攝影 | Fujifilm instax 攝影,Cyanotypie Papier 藍曬攝影 | 一組 33.5 x 4 x 38 公分 x 54組 | 2015

Fujifilm Instax photography, cyanotype on paper, 33.5 x 4  x 38 cm x 54 pcs.| 2015

IT Park  伊通公園

行為,裝置尺寸依場地而定| 2015





Just like all beings, memory also comes from the sea


Between indoor and outdoor spaces of IT PARK, the exhibition provides a wormhole of life and memory for audience. Derived from the memory of watching Halley's Comet in the childhood, the works seal the operation of the universe and my own life memory inside IT PARK. And then at the outdoor park, a children’s sketching session will be held during the exhibition which is also based on fading memory of my own. As the park is a man-made territory, this event deliberately reconstructs and produces a memory for those kids. Therefore, a vanishing memory is transferred and starts another section of life. This double exposure of memories gets preserved while a black hole sucks in all the light and memories to unknown. Through the lens, our recollections overlap with each other in a paralleled universe.




行為,裝置,尺寸依場地而定, 2016



Promise  承諾

 油畫,皮革木製椅墊 | 45 x 45 x 9 公分 | 2015

 Oil paints, leather wooden cushion | 45 x 45 x 9 cm | 2015


Keep the Promise  未完的承諾

 人類智齒物件, 油畫,木製油畫框 | 61 x 77 x 6 公分 | 2015

Human wisdom tooth, oil on canvas, wood frame | 61 x 77 x 6 cm | 2015

A better Human being  成為更好的人類

 裝置 | 染色乾燥花,蜂巢化石,大鼓踏板 | 33 x 16 x 70 公分 | 2015

Installation | dried and dyed flowers, honeycomb fossil, bass drum pedal, tempered glass, teel pedestal | 33 x 16 x 70 cm | 2015


How Can Life Be Complete 3.14   生命如何完整3.14

Full-HD單頻道錄影,彩色有聲, 4分13秒,循環播放 | Full-HD Single Channel Video,Color with Sound , 4'13" Loop |  2015




On the broken bridge erecting in the night sky is marked “3.14”(the circular ratio)
Drawing sensitive arcs of life with rational signs
Traversing through the boundaries of the city while completing the ruptures of life

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