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Full HD TV-Buddha

錄像裝置 | Video installation | 2018

挪用藝術家白南準經典作品《TV-Buddha》, 將已無法開機使用的CRT電視螢幕上反射出對面Full HD高畫質電視螢幕裡播放著白南準測試作品的記錄影像,兩種不同時代的螢幕彼此相望,直到無法顯影的永恆時刻。

Reflecting the video of Nan June Paik testing his work that is played on the full HD high resolution screen on a malfunctioned CRT screen, “Full HD TV-Buddha” is an appropriation of Nan June Paik’s representing video art work, “TV-Buddha”. The screens from two different ages are gazing each other until the moment that the images cannot be displayed anymore in the infinite time.


Full HD TV-Buddha 影像擷取畫面.jpg
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